Septiembre 2015
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22 Oct 2015 
What not the technology has given us? What not is possible with Technology? What not is changed by technology? The list never ends! The spread of Technology was faster than a virus. Technology is not a simple thing that can be lived without. In this world of technology, each and everything around us is a gift from Technology. People have accustomed themselves for a sophisticated life with the help of technology. They tend to have the best technology at the best rates from different deals provided by many service providers all over the globe like the one offered by Cox Deals.

Just take a look at your surrounding. Can you find anything that is not modernized by the technology? Whatever it is? It is needed for our comfortable life that is given by technology. Technology makes everything simple like you work or study or shop with the help of internet at convenience, you entertain and relax yourself with the high-definition television, stay connected with your buddies through telephones, secure yourself from burglary by protecting your home. At present, people are enjoying every second of their life with the advancement in technology.

Life with Technology is computerized, which is more output with less input. Computerized in the sense is that working with machines! Machines that work on accuracy requires less time, labor and the number of mistakes is minimal. This saves time and man power for man kind. Development in technology started with the invention of fire to the caveman in the pre - historic days when the world was ruled by water, earth and air that caused the creation workforce management survey questions of other elements. People get the work done easily and perfectly through machines. These may be the best part of technology but every issue has a dark side too. Technology has driven the people to the extent that they lack time to even to consider about family. It not only has developments to satisfy people, but also to loot people like the hi-tech Cyber Crime. People started to love the developments of technology such as Car, Cell Phones, Laptop, TV, etc.

The development in the field of Television has a very big impact of Americans. On an average, an American with a life spam of 65 years spends more than 151 hours per month that is 9 years of his life watching television. Children on an average spend more time on Television programs than with parents. In the case of Internet, you surf through websites and study, earn, shop, play, transfer funds or do anything just by a mouse click. To say in simple words Life ends at your doorstep! In a statistical report for the year 2010, it is workforce management logo states that around 77.3% of the U.S population uses Internet connection. In the field of Telecommunication, around 91% of Americans use cell phone that is around 285 million users.

Technology is in the advancing pace with a change in the track everyday. The fact is that the developments in technology are developing day by day. The best part is that the upgraded technology not only saves money, time, etc for mankind but also makes his life more interesting with thrills and aspect workforce management 7.4 enjoyment. The advancement in technology was ideas represented in mathematical and scientific equations and not as material objects. The amazing fact is that technology links the North Pole with the South Pole. The development in the field of technology started with the arrival of humans on earth and will continue till the humans become extinct. To say Technology is something by Mankind. The pros and cons of technology is nothing but workforce management careers the effects and defects of mans inventions.

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